Saturday, August 15, 2015

#PitchWars Mentee Bio

I'm so excited to participate in #PitchWars alongside hundreds (thousands?) of other awesome writers! So, without further ado, here is my #pimpmybio. You can find other wonderful ones here.


Yes, that is my happy dance ;)

A little about me: I'm a writer (duh- do people still say "duh"?), English teacher at a virtual school (that makes it sound like my job is fictional, but, trust me, the students are real), soon-to-be graduate student, mother to one amazing little one-year-old and wife to a pretty awesome handyman. Here are five other, randomly selected facts:

 1. I studied abroad in Scotland for a semester (and, as a result, fell in love with castles).

2. I'm obsessed with coffee. You know, in case the name doesn't imply that already ;)

3. I tried learning to surf on my honeymoon, but I failed miserably. (My husband was a natural, which I chalk up to his being born on a tropical island. Jealous!)

4. Despite my epic surfing failure, I do love to snowboard. As I live in Northern Wisconsin, we do get our fair share of snow.

5. Despite my love of nature, I'm afraid of spiders. And those creepy bugs that look like twigs but are really not...yeah...

 And here's a little about my manuscript, complete with some fun gifs!

My book is a young adult science fiction that involves aliens discreetly landing on Earth...


...action scenes...


...and some creepy brainwashing...


 Don't hurry off, though! I assure you there is also some nerdy humor...


...beautiful music...


(Okay, slightly more beautiful, I promise!)

...and an amazing and diverse cast of characters! Hopefully, that sort of thing sounds intriguing to you. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Please forgive any issues with the gifs. This was my first attempt to make a blog post as cool as many of the others in this contest.