Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Interview with Jordan Nimsby of Decaf & Drones

Below is an interview with my main character, Jordan Nimsby, of my debut mystery Decaf & Drones. Get to know the character and her quirks!

Name? Jordy Nimsby, Jordan if you’re trying to be all official-like or stalk me or something.

Favorite food? Coffee! Coffee counts as a food, right? In my mind, it has its very own square in the food pyramid.

Describe your reaction to returning to Northern Wisconsin. Eh, that’s bittersweet. For anyone who doesn't know, I’ve recently returned to my hometown of Eagle River after living in the bustling city of Chicago. It’s a bit of a culture shock to be back "Up North". Specifically, I live in my parents’ old cabin. They sold it to me because my father says that I’m “more than capable” of buying my own place at my age. I’m not certain how someone can be “more than capable”; quite frankly it seems to defy the laws of physics. Or nature. Regardless, the move has been growing on me; in many ways, it's good to be home. Plus, I've had a chance to join a mystery investigation and reunite with my best bud from middle school- Samantha Orwitz. 

Can you tell us a little about your career? [Laughs.] Hmm, career-career or job-like quasi-career that I’m doing to pay the bills? Well, my barista gig keeps my lights on, but my dream is to be a modern-day Nancy Drew. Except, you know, maybe I’d get knocked out less often, that’d be super peachy…

How about hobbies? Does drinking coffee count as a hobby? Maybe cooking, you know, easy cooking, not the stuff that requires thorough attention and skill. Researching to get to the bottom of a freaky mystery- not boring research, though, more like interviewing suspects and creeping on a perp's blog to see what he's up to. I do also like lazing around on a lake- you know, swimming, canoeing, boating, relaxing. And watching sexy green-and-gold clad linebackers. [Winks.] Oh, and sometimes I do watch football, too.

Have any strange quirks? None that I can think of. Oh! I do like to use odd old-school colloquialisms. Samantha always makes fun of me for that. And I have been known to drink enough caffeine to actually cause my eyeballs to twitch sporadically. Oh! And I listen to very eclectic music from time to time, like my random action film soundtrack in my Taurus. And I occasionally get distracted and ramble, but, for those of you who know me, that’s a pretty rare occurrence, right..?

Tell us about Keith Leparth. [Rolls eyes.] Did Samantha put you up to this? [Sigh.] He's sexy and he plays the bass guitar. Do I really need to say more?

Why do you want to solve mysteries? Well, one of my role models, like I mentioned earlier, is Nancy Drew. She kicks ass. I also watched way too many scary movies as a kid, so you might think that would turn me off from solving mysteries, right? I mean, why bring myself into the terrifying world of real life crime and crazies? I guess I just never like seeing the underdog get hurt. That's always bugged me, even when I was a kid. In high school, I remember seeing the bully types bossing everyone else around, and it always sorta pissed me off. Then, in college, seeing the same damn thing, it made me realize that bullies always exist, but they just become professionals as they age. I kinda wanted to see if I could bring down some of the stupider bullies, the ones who go so far as to break the law, and it's been pretty sweet so far.

Any final thoughts? Yikes, that sounds, well...final. Okay, how about this? I wish you peace, freedom from the bad guys, and many cups of coffee.