Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cookie Tantrums and House Hunting

I read a ridiculously horrible book at the library yesterday while browsing the shelves with Rayden. (After all, he is a connoisseur of fine literature.) The book was about a girl who goes with her mom to the park and sees another kid eating a cookie. The girl then launches into a ten-page, painfully drawn-out, obnoxious tantrum until the mom takes her home and gives her a cookie. 

I'm not kidding-- it's a real book! Your child, too, can witness ten pages in the art of the perfect tantrum before learning that pure senseless rage = cookie.


When I was little, I, too, used to throw fairly epic tantrums. I would throw items at my sisters (they will attest to this) and scream obnoxious things I would later regret. I also recall lots of tears. Looking back now, of course, I realize that I was an insane, greedy, little creature, but we basically all start out that way. 
Call me crazy, but I think that one of the positive things about being an adult is that you get used to disappointment. You can’t throw a temper tantrum to prevent the electric company from raising their rates. Tears will not get you into the school or job of your dreams. Your Ford Escape will not get the promised 40 MPG no matter how hard you kick it (trust me on this one).

Eli and I have been on the house hunt for almost a year now, and I’m realizing the housing market brings an entirely new basket of disappointments that no temper tantrum can squelch. We recently lost out on another great house, even though we came in at asking price and were in the process of negotiating a closing date when another, apparently juicier, offer swept in last-minute. When the real estate agent called, his tone dejected, I wasn't completely surprised. We're in a tough market.

Adult life naturally has its disappointments, and we have to take them in stride. I think sometimes this is easy to forget nowadays, because we see all of the bubbly Facebook photos of everyone’s happiest moments, but we don’t often see the difficulties hidden beneath the surface. Eli and I have a ton to be thankful for, including our amazing son, steady jobs, etc. A home just isn’t one of those things yet. We hope it may be soon. But, until then, you won’t be seeing any temper tantrums over here. (Well, I can’t speak for Rayden…)