Monday, July 11, 2016

Publishing Adventures, Take 2

As friends, family, or followers of this blog, you may know that I had my first mystery novel, Decaf & Drones, published last year. I felt kind of like this:


Then, in less time than it took me to finish my elaborate victory dance, my small indie publisher announced that they tragically had to close their doors. I felt kind of like this:


Fortunately for me, I tend to bounce through emotions like a teenage girl hyped up on Gatorade, so I didn't have to wait long until I felt inspired again.


Many people I know wanted the book in paperback form, which the original publisher hadn't been able to arrange (they were into the ebook scene), and I had already been through the intense editing process with the professionals in the industry. There was no sense in the book going to waste, so I decided to go the route of self-publishing.

Side Note: Something that always gets me hung up on self-publishing is the misconception that just anybody can do it. Technically, I suppose that anyone can post work online or go the route of an online self-publisher, but it shouldn't belittle the quality of the work being published. I am proud of Decaf & Drones, and I know I'm constantly growing as a writer and that future books in the series (now in progress) will be even better. I hope that friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers will take the time to read a little intriguing mystery about new beginnings, a crazy bomber, and a spunky gal who drinks a lot of coffee. Speaking of which...

mmm, coffee.

So anyways, to get back on track, I spent this spring paging through blogs, self-publishing websites, and other publishing gurus' work to determine the best way to go about this, and I ended up (with guidance from my original publisher) choosing CreateSpace. The book has also been revamped as far as its cover design, and it has had yet ANOTHER edit to cover some issues I STILL wasn't satisfied with earlier (writers will always hate on their own work, trust me).

After all that work-- tah dah!!--

Decaf & Drones, the first book in the Northwoods Barista Mystery Series, is now finally available in paperback form! All you have to do is click one little link here. I would also love to message you a discount code or link you to the book synopsis if you're not yet sure this is your cup of joe.

As always, thanks for reading, and I appreciate your support!